Clube MSX Gold disk 5
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On December 10th, Gold Disk #5 was released - the new edition of the disk magazine produced by the Brazilian magazine Clube MSX. Gold Disk #5 was released during MSX SP 2022, MSX meeting in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, and it is now available on the magazine's website for BRL 100.00 (about US$ 19.00) + shipping costs. International orders can be made by email ( or via DM on Twitter or Facebook.


Gold Disk #5 brings 5 games (My Sacred Place, Fish Life, Cave of the Monsters, 10 Seconds Warning and Fishes) and 2 tools (Poptimizer 1.0 and Screen Adjuster 1.0). Plus, for the first time the disk comes in a beautiful box with an instruction leaflet, collector's guide, stickers, button and an acrylic goldfish keychain to bring you good luck! Furthermore, Gold Disk interface has two versions, one for MSX1 and other for MSX2 and higher. See below for a brief description of the disk's content.

MY SACRED PLACE Yu Tao, a talented kung-fu fighter, has to protect his village from the clutches of the fearsome Garks, garden-eating demons. Only two items can kill these creatures: ginger and silver dagger. 5th place in MSXdev22, Mario Cavalcanti's My Sacred Place can be played by keyboard or controller. Color palette optimized for MSX2. Gameplay:

FISH LIFE Prove that you are the dominant fish in the food chain. Eat the smaller fishes for you to grow. Use your special shot to face horrible bosses like the giant piranha and giant crab. Fish Life is an original game developed by Amaury Carvalho, creator of MSXBAS2ROM compiler.

CAVE OF THE MONSTERS The brave warrior Proteus of Tagamedes must rescue Princess Calea, kidnapped by the dark sorcerer Mefisto. He also has the help of Flare, a powerful cave fairy. Cave of the Monsters is a turn-based battle game and it can be played by keyboard or controller. The color palette is optimized for MSX2.

10 SECONDS WARNING Dodge the onslaught of gigantic eyes, turn the tables and destroy these interdimensional beings with their own weapons. Originally developed for the PC by Paulo "PV" Radtke, international editor of Clube MSX magazine, 10 Seconds Warning now gets an MSX1 version, created for Gold Disk #5. Trailer:

FISHES You are a penguin that slides on ice and you must use your brain if you want to reach your favorite food: fish! Fishes was developed by Giovanni Nunes and the BASIC code was originally published in Clube MSX #14. Now the game and the code are on the disk!

POPTIMIZER 1.0 (MSX2) A tool to help you to change the MSX2 color palette to improve MSX1 colors in your projects. Give it a try!

SCREEN ADJUSTER (MSX2) Calibration problems on your monitor TV? Screen Adjuster is a convenient tool to help you adjust your screen.

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