This page was last modified 21:53, 18 November 2022 by Turbor. Based on work by Gdx and NYYRIKKI.

Compass is an assembler, debugger/disassembler, editor and monitor in one released on floppy disk developed by Compjoetania in 1995~1996.

The name is a contraction of 'the Compjoetania Assembler'

At the Nijmegen 2021 fair the latest version (1.2.09) was released as freeware under the name "The Finally Free edition" and the sources were released to the public under the GPLv2 license.

The release contains the full program registered to the fictious user 'finnaly free' , an updated manual in PDF format and the original extra info files in plain textformat (originally these text files were compressed as pma files) . As an Easter egg, the code of a prototype of an unreleased game is included in the release (chain.asm)

After making the sources available, the community translated all the Dutch comments in the source code and Konamiman created a fork containing a lot of fixes to improve the user experience for modern MSX developers. This fork is named ' Konamimans Compass ' or 'konpass' for short.