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Years active 1991-1997
Main activities Demos, games, utilities
Founded by Eric van Beurden, Patrick Gijsbers, Bart Roijmans
Area The Netherlands
Current/final members Eric van Beurden, Patrick Gijsbers, Bart Roijmans, Dave Groenen, Hans Schoormans, Remo Jongeneelen, Mike Dammer, David Heremans, Joost Damad
Former members
Website Compjoetania


Founded early 1991, Compjoetania was essentially a merger between former groups Red Hawk (Eric van Beurden, Patrick Gijsbers) and Tigersoft (Bart Roijmans). Located in Bladel (in the south of Brabant), Compjoetania was at first a weekly meeting club for MSX users that lived nearby, mainly to recruit fellow MSX users that were also interested in making demos. They were primarily looking for a good ML coder, because the founders had only marginal programming skills at that time and the first released demo (Deathtrack) was made entirely in MSX-Basic. There was even a dedicated 'Clubhouse' in the backyard of Bart's parents. At it's peak the club had nearly 20 Visitors. However, most of those visitors where only interested in playing games, while the core of the group wanted to be creative and continue making demos. While the group was narrowed down, the weekly casual meetings stopped at some point and became weekly creative sessions for making demos. Next to the founders only Hans Schoormans, Dave Groenen and Mike Dammer remained active at Compjoetania. Remo Jongeneelen joined in 1992 after Deathtrack's advert for help as the main ML coder. David Heremans and Joost Damad joined Compjoetania later as additional coders after meeting them at a Belgian MSX meeting.

Compjoetania became known for their music disks with demo parts, and a demo disk with a large music replayer. The pinnacle of their productions is a tie between the game Pixess and the assembler Compass, which both took years to finish. Besides the main releases, Compjoetania also collaborated with other groups. Zodiac's 'Arranger' series and N.O.P.'s 'Unknown Reality' featured moonblaster music from Compjoetania. In return, Zodiac also contributed to some of Compjoetania's products.

There were big plans of a huge project for OPL4 and V9990: 'Actual Reality', a co-op cyberpunk RPG. But this never got past the startup phase. In 1997 most of Compjoetania's main members stopped being active in the MSX scene, where the remaining member David Heremans decided to go further under the name 'Compjoetania The Next Generation' along with new recruits. The former members initially wanted to continue in the PC-scene under the name of 'Arcamax'. But due to lack of time, college and other obligations Arcamax disbanded.


  • Eric van Beurden (coding, manuals, public relations)
  • Bart Roijmans (music, graphics)
  • Patrick Gijsbers (graphics)
  • Dave Groenen (music, graphics)
  • Hans Schoormans (coding, music)
  • Mike Dammer (graphics)
  • Remo Jongeneelen (coding)
  • David Heremans (coding)
  • Joost Damad (coding)


  • DeathTrack - Music demo (1992)
  • Sample Mania 1 - Sample library (1992)
  • Sample Mania 2 - Sample library (1993)
  • Noisedisk - Music demo (1993)
  • Judgement of Sound - Music demo (1993)
  • Master Mind - Game (1993)
  • Pixess - Game (1994)
  • The Last Dimension - Mega demo (1994)
  • Cybersound - Music demo (1995)
  • Compjoetania Screen Converter - Utility (1995)
  • Compass - Assembler (1995)
  • Jungle Symphonies - Music demo (1996)


  • Actual Reality - Game (1997-)

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