Composite monitor (5-pin DIN 41524)
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Many NTSC MSX1 systems sold by Yamaha and Victor

These MSX use a connector 5-pin (type 5a, at 45°) DIN 45324 . This is the same type of connector as Midi. pinout is as below.

Connector DIN 41524, 5 pin, type 5a

Systems with the connector:

Options sold for use with the connector

  • Victor HC-A501F - RF Modulator for channel 1/2
  • Victor HC-A502F - RF Modulator
  • Yamaha VC-01 - Cable to Composite video and mono audio
  • Yamaha RF-01 - RF Modulator for channel 1/2
  • Yamaha RF-02 - RF Modulator for channel 3/4
Pin Name Description
1 AV (+5V) AV control output, go to AV control input on the RGB21 connector (pin 11), on SCART it must be +12V (pin 8) otherwise some TVs will not be able to display the correct ratio *)
2 GND Ground (connect it to all corresponding ground of the SCART *)
3 SOUND Analog sound output, 75Ω (connect it to pin 6 of the SCART *)
4 VIDEO Composite video output (connect it to pin 20 of the SCART *)
5 N.C. / RF When RF is connected, it can be used instead of other signals. It has to be connected to the antenna input of old NTSC TVs that had no other input connector. The image is of lower quality. This pin is not connected on most models.

(*) Valid only if the TV's SCART supports composite video signal.

Composite Video Cable Schematic

Yamaha Monitor Cable Schematic.png