Daewoo CPJ-905
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The Daewoo CPJ-905 is a joystick that was sold in Korea, generally with the consoles MSX1 CPC-51 and MSX2 CPG-120.

As the CPC-51 console, it was available first only in red/black , then a second release offered 3 different color versions before a last variant, only combined with the CPG-120 console (there is indeed no CPC-51S model).

Models Revision Color Related console
CPJ-905 1st red/black CPC-51
CPJ-905B 2nd black/blue/yellow buttons CPC-51B
CPJ-905R 2nd red/black CPC-51R
CPJ-905S 3rd silver/black/cyan buttons CPG-120
CPJ-905W 2nd white/gray CPC-51W

Official price:₩13,000


Daewoo CPJ-905(R)
Daewoo CPJ-905B
Daewoo CPJ-905W
Daewoo CPJ-905(R) underside
Daewoo CPJ-905 label
Daewoo CPJ-905S and CPJ-905(R) undersides
Daewoo CPJ-905S and CPJ-905R
Daewoo CPJ-905 box
Daewoo CPJ-905S box
Daewoo CPJ-905B box
Daewoo CPJ-905R box

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