Daewoo DLP-01
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The Daewoo DLP-01 is a Light Pen Unit consisting of a cartridge with attached pen and a switch.

The unit includes a ROM with version 1 of the drawing program Lightpen Graphics.

It's actually the utility that was provided on tape with the Sanyo MPC-10 and MPC-11 computers, but Daewoo has made several changes:

  • Conversion to ROM
  • Modification of copyright message
  • English translation of all the Japanese texts, especially in the menus
  • Use of Quick Disk instead of cassette (F3 and F8 functions) to save/load your graphical creations

The unit was manufactured by Sanyo, as the PCB clearly indicates it.

The ROM size is unknown (8kB or 16kB?) and it's unclear if new MSX-BASIC instructions, known as Expander BASIC, are available as in the Sanyo MLP-01.

The switch allows to enable or disable the launching of this firmware when the MSX is turned on. With the ROM switch OFF, the light pen can be used by other programs that specifically support it, although very few programs are known to support it.


  • A light pen requires a CRT display. It cannot be used with modern LCD displays. In addition this unit can only be used with MSX computers with NTSC composite video out.
  • This external interface can be used simultaneously with the internal lightpen interface of the MSX2 computers manufactured by Daewoo.

Technical and programming information can be found here.

Brand Daewoo (Manufacturer: Sanyo)
Model DLP-01
Year 1986
Region KR
Launch price
Package content
Emulation ROM dump needed



Daewoo DLP-01
Daewoo DLP-01 back
Daewoo DLP-01 PCB


Intro screen
Help screen
Creation screen


  • Audio input
  • Composite NTSC video input (to connect to the composite video output of the computer)
  • Composite NTSC video output (to connect to the CRT monitor or TV)
  • Connector for RF adapter