Daewoo DPC-200
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The Daewoo DPC-200 was manufactured and distributed by Daewoo in Korea. This computer is a successor to the DPC-180. It has more RAM, and although the keyboard is better,it has a rattling feeling and remains less comfortable than the majority of MSX keyboards. The power supply is integrated in the unit. The system was only available in silver.

Official price was ₩295,000 - It was sold with a demo tape.

This model has been localised for

(*) actually based on CPC-200, an evolution of the DPC-200 - it's probably also the case for the In Tensai DPC-200CD

The color of export units was black, silver or white depending the importing company.

Brand Daewoo
Type DPC-200
Year 1984
RAM 64kB in slot 2
Media MSX cartridges
Video Texas Instruments TMS9918ANL
Audio PSG (AY-3-8910)
Chipset none (separate IC's)
Extras Hangul BASIC, demo cassette


Daewoo DPC-200
Daewoo DPC-200 box
Daewoo DPC-200 manuals and cables
Daewoo DPC-200 detail
Daewoo DPC-200 inside
Daewoo DPC-200 label
Daewoo DPC-200
Daewoo DPC-200 cassette
Daewoo DPC-200 cassette


The DPC-200 is a MSX1 without MSX-Engine. The CPU is a Z80A from Goldstar (GSS Z8400A PS).

Slot Map

Slot 0 Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3
Page C000h~FFFFh Cartridge
Page 8000h~BFFFh Hangul ROM
Page 4000h~7FFFh Main-ROM
Page 0000h~3FFFh
  • The Hangul ROM is a 8KB ROM - 8000h-9FFFh