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Years active 2001-today
Main activities games, casemods
Founded by Lord S.M. Zett
Area The Netherlands
Current/final members Lord S.M. Zett, Medusa
Former members
Website Darkstone



Darkstone was formed in 2001 out of R.Soft (known by insiders for garage meetings with boozing and smoking) and is located in the East of The Netherlands. The main driving force is Lord S.M. Zett (LordZett for short) who likes to create and produce MSX games and case mods. After a while, Darkstone released its first game: Bounce Mania, a puzzle game which was completely developed in MSX-BASIC and sold during a Bussum fair. In the following years, Darkstone competed in the yearly MSXdev contests with BeeZ and Daq Lord of Idar, and the #msxdev compo with Pixiedust.

Case mods

A lot of different case mods are made under the name of Darkstone. Some feature just a unique paint job while others are for instance completely made out of wood utilizing a steampunk style. Several interior modifications are made as well, such as the colours of the LEDs (including the disk drive's) as well as the placement of extra hardware.


Pixiedust source code is available through Infinite's website



  • During MSX fairs, Darkstone typically features a booth with all sorts of technical gadgets