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Demo disk published in September 1991 by the Station Group.

It has support for MSX-MUSIC and MSX-AUDIO, but requires a MSX2 with at least 128kB memory mapper. When both sound chips are present, MSX-AUDIO is automatically selected.

All parts of this demodisk come with original musics in the FAC Soundtracker 1 format.

It is possible to enjoy a great stereo mode (MSX-MUSIC + MSX-AUDIO), you just need to replace the FST.BIN driver by STL2.BIN (driver used in STL 2.11 created by C.S.I and E.M.P.). However, you must delete the existing DECALOG.000 file and rename STL2.BIN as DECALOG.000.




After soundchip detection, you can see a new Station logo including red channels. It is followed by a animation that transforms this logo in a 'PRESENTS' screen before coming with the title screen with a central waving line.

Enhanced by a great melody, this intro clearly announces the goal of the Station group: combine high quality graphics with original animations and excellent music. You will not be deceived by the different parts of this demo disk!

Switching Mirror


A picture with a mirror effect and a mirrored text scroll with infos about Station history, content of the demodisk and greetings.

To make the reading more challenging, the scroll and its mirror are switching several times, sometimes after each word!

Dancing Geometric Shapes


The amazing dance of geometric shapes in the sky of a lunar planet. Or maybe is it Mars, with this red sun and this bloody mountain?

Revolving Scroll


Not really a vector scroll here on a channel of the red planet, but more an angular or revolving scroll. Very original!

Multicolored Cube


Station comes now with painted vectorgraphics! A rotating multicolored cube and a very enthusiast music to celebrate that!

Coffin In Flames


A darker music for a coffin rotating in the flames of hell!

The complete title of the background music is Decalogue Exodus Ch. 20 V 1-17, what refers to the biblical text of the Ten Commandments, also known as Decalogue.

Rotating Big Star


Back to a very positive music when you see a big star rotating in the sky, giving you the good way to follow!

Sinus Wave On Big Eye


What is a sinus vector scroll? Only Station can come with that, under the supervision of God's Big Eye...

For more fun and special effects, try the cursor keys!



The final part with the credits and a map of Gelderland, the Dutch province where the Station Group is located.

Musical files

Here's the list of files to optionally put on a dedicated FAC Soundtracker music disk. You can notice that an extra 'hidden' song is available on this demodisk.

Song (MUS) Drumkit (SM1/SM2) Title Composer Part of the demodisk
BASES1 DRUM Heavy Bases Hessel Burghardt Revolving Scroll
BASES2 DRUM Heavy Bases 2 Hessel Burghardt Switching Mirror
BILITIS DRUM Bilitis Theme Hessel Burghardt End
B-ON-B DRUM Based On Base Hessel Burghardt
CHEVY DRUM Pink Chevy Hessel Burghardt Multicolored Cube
DECALOG1 DRUM Decalogue Theme Hessel Burghardt Rotating Big Star
DECALOG2 DRUM Decalogue Main Theme Hessel Burghardt Sinus Wave On Big Eye
ECHO-PAN DRUM Echo Pan Hessel Burghardt Dancing Geometric Shapes
EXODUS DRUM Decalogue Exodus Hessel Burghardt Coffin In Flames
INTRO DRUM Decalogue Intro Hessel Burghardt Intro

Note: DECALOG.000 is actually the FST.BIN 1.0 driver.

If you don't use the interface of this demodisk, FAC Soundtracker, MIDI Blaster or the FM Music interface, these musical files can be used on MSX1.

For more tips about usage of this musical format, check the FAC Music Disk 1 Wiki page.


  • Nico Lubbers
  • Dennis Teunissen
  • Hessel Burghardt