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Years active 1995-1997
Main activities Diskmagazines, magazines
Founded by Robert-Jan Regout, Angelo Sanna, Jeffrey Schaaf
Area Deventer, The Netherlands
Current/final members Robert-Jan Regout, Angelo Sanna, Marinus Stoker
Former members Robert Vroemisse, Jeffrey Schaaf, Remco van der Zon
Website unknown


Deventer Terror Corporation (or MSX Club DTC) was founded in 1995 by Robert-Jan Regout, Jeffrey Schaaf, and Angelo Sanna. It's aim was to create MSX (disk) magazines.

The name "Deventer Terror Corporation" was inspired by the name of "Rotterdam Terror Corps" from DJ Distortion (George Ruseler), a group in the gabber house / hardcore scene. The first magazines were not on disk but on paper, completely made on an MSX with Dynamic Publisher and NMS1431 printer. Text were written in TED from M.J. Friend.

Later on it went to a disk magazine. Jeffrey Schaaf write it completely on his own, the rest of the members delivers the content.

The members of the disk magazine were: Angelo Sanna, Jeffrey Schaaf, Remco van der Zon, Robert Vroemisse, and Robert-Jan Regout.

DTC made a total of 5 disk magazines and various MSX demo's.

The main programmer of DTC (Jeffrey Schaaf) left the group after a while and started programming on other systems under the name oCe. Nowadays (2018) Jeffrey is online marketeer for in hometown Deventer. Robert Vroemisse left DTC when he came in contact with Sargon, nowadays (2018) he is a designer at Robert-Jan Regout starts also Orange Butt BBS in 1995, an extension of DTC.

In 1996, DTC merged with the Totally Chaos team, with (Rinus) Marinus Stoker from Heerlen (known for the MSX Museum, MSX World Wide Magazine and nowadays (2018) Rinus is retired and runs, and Alex Koedooder known as Hydragon. Robert-Jan Regout became the founder of the MSX-Posse website and Angelo Sanna briefly became a moderator on MSX-Posse, but stopped at the end of 2004, had less interest in MSX, and was already more involved with radio in the late 90s.

Angelo Sanna continued writing music with Adobe Audition. In the early days (1995 - 1997) he wrote some (hardcore/gabber) music in Moonblaster (Music Module), made some hardcore remixes of songs from Robert Vroemisse, continue in MBWave (OPL4), and on the Commodore Amiga 500 with ProTracker. In 2005 he participated in a DJ contest at, a known Dutch blog and won the third price with it. Nowadays (2018) he is working in the telecom industry as an service field engineer for known internet providers in the Netherlands.

Robert-Jan Regout nowadays is a JAVA developer at Ohra, an insurance company.

The active production of DTC ended in 1997. MSX-Posse website quits on january 3th, 2016, and is offline.

DTC is not active at this moment, and none of the members are active. Only former member Robert Vroemisse is still active in the scene today.



  • Various demo's
  • MSX Paradise 1 (1995)
  • MSX Paradise 2 (1995)
  • MSX Paradise 3 (1996)
  • MSX Paradise 4 / TCI 3 (1996)
  • MSX Paradise 5 / TCI 4b (1997)
  • Moonblaster Vois disk (1996)

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