Digital KC MSX Memory Mapper
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This Memory Mapper cartridge is a standard expansion memory, made by Digital KC and sold in Netherlands. It was sold in 1024 kB, 2048 kB and 4096 kB versions.

The circuit design was based on the Sony HBM-512, simplifying and optimising it for 7 MHz and large DRAMs. A Dutch article was published in MCCM issue 65 detailing the history and the circuit design (see below).


Digital KC 2048 KByte MemoryMapper
Digital KC 2MB board (front)
Digital KC 2MB board (back)

Minimum System Requirements

  • MSX2 computer, one free slot cartridge

Note: As all standard Memory Mapper, this cartridge is not supported by MSX1 computers except with Nextor or a MSX-DOS2 unbridled (like Sunrise CF interface). On MSX1 without Nextor, we need to manually initialize pages order of the mapper from basic before it can be used.

Repair / upgrade


  • CHKMEM.BIN (Utility that displays the slot of RAM, Memory Mapper and MegaRAM by LARK)
  • Mapper Info (by Yukke)
  • MEGA16.COM (loader for megaroms with 16k mapper)
  • MEMTEST.COM (RAM of Memory Mapper tester by Masatoshi Fujimoto)
  • TESTMAP.COM (RAM of Memory Mapper tester by Marteen)
  • SofaRom (MegaRoms and Roms loader by Louthrax)