Digital Music 1
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Digital Music #1 10-way VU meter


Music disk published in 1991 by the Robosoft team. You can find it here.

The name suggests that there were plans for other music disks, as the menu includes a calling to send musical creations, but unfortunaly, this music disk had no sequel.


It contains 8 songs written in the FAC Soundtracker 1 format. As they include original drumkits with generally also samples, they can only be played with the MSX-AUDIO chip.

The musical files are 'hidden' in the sectors of the floppy disk. Here's the detail for the people who know how to extract and adapt these files:

Song (MUS) Drumkit (SM1/2) Title Composer
MARINA MARINA Marina Marina Robosoft
MEGAMIX MEGAMIX Megamix #1 On MSX Robosoft
SHIT SHIT Fuck The Shit!! Robosoft
ACIEED ACIEED Acieeed..... Robosoft
714LIVE 714LIVE 714 I Believe? (LIVE!) Robosoft
HUNTERS HUNTERS Hunters Moon FireHawk
VOYAGE VOYAGE Voyage Robosoft


  • This music disk has a nice menu where you can select the song that you want to hear (cursors and spacebar). An original 10-way VU meter is displayed while you are listening to the music. Back to the menu can be done with the F1 key.