Digital RGB connector
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Digital RGB is an old Japanese standard, it is a 8 pin connector type digital terminal used for transmission of video signal. It has been used in the 80s on computers produced by Fujitsu, General NEC, Pioneer and Sharp.

Digital RGB input connector pinout for the General PCT-55

Digital RGB input connector is the D8A2. This type supports 8 or 16 colors to display.

8-pin Digital RGB connector

Pin Name Descrption
1 CLOCK N.C. / Video Clock (14.318MHz)
2 GND Ground
3 C CONT. Brightness control (Only 8 colors if N.C.)
Horizontal synchronisation
Vertical synchronisation
6 R Red
7 G Green
8 B Blue
9 Shell


  • See here to show all types of Digital RGB connector (Japanese).