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Adding and/or modifying content

  • We'd prefer that pages about people and groups are added and/or edited by the relevant people and groups, except for typos, grammatical errors and wiki lay-outs which anyone can improve. This would result in an accurate representation of history.
  • Maintain a neutral point of view. This wiki is not a portfolio, it's an encyclopaedia.
  • Obviously, if a person is deceased, or totally impossible to find (emigrated to the jungle, without internet?), a page can be made by a third party. Preferably such a third party is closely related to the relevant person, primarily using the nickname again.
  • Important: don't screw around! It's far from funny when a complete and accurate article is ruined by someone for reasons of trolling and other variations of being annoying. Editing a wiki is a privilege you have which can be taken back by the admins.


  • Potential employers may use Google to find information about your past. While most MSX sceners were productive and fairly innocent in their days, some weren't. Especially the days of public fights between persons or clubs may be a bit embarrassing from today's point of view. The relevant people may feel there are reasons not to be represented in this list by their real name for such reasons. As such, if ever scene members have used a nickname, then this nickname will be the name of the wiki article.
  • Some people are far more known by their nickname than by their real name. In such cases, and if the previous point doesn't matter, it's still best to make an article with the nickname as title, as it's the name people can easily identify.
  • A more difficult choice to make is when a scener was fairly unknown with nickname A, while the same person got fairly well known on the www.msx.org with user name B. One may question which name is more known to people, there's no straight answer to this.
  • Keep in mind that it's an MSX wiki, formally there's no need to write about personal or professional milestones. An exception would be when MSX game developers have started a real business making games on other platforms, in such cases it's related information. Similar transitions are welcome too, such as writing for a disk magazine on MSX and later on writing for a newspaper in real life.
  • In general, a person page contains the following sections:
    • History (for example: year of birth, how the person rolled into the MSX scene, groups the people has been a member of etc.)
    • Full credits in imdb-style. Meaning that each activity in each released product should be mentioned. Writing credits for a series of products should all be named individually. While this may generate large lists, it could prove to be practical as soon as people start making individual wiki articles about individual entries from such series of products. It could also prove to be practical for people who have only incidentally contributed to editions of series. Examples:
      • As programmer
      • As composer
      • As designer
      • As writer
      • As organizer
      • As level designer
      • As gameplay tester
    • (optional) Trivia: any fun details that are worthy to be stacked up here, rather than in the biography.
    • (optional) Challenge entries the person has worked on, including the result between brackets.
    • (optional) Anything else which is so big it demands a separate chapter.

Note that 'under construction' products should be listed as such in the relevant list. To identify it as being under construction, a future year could be put between brackets, or words like 'under construction', 'announced'. Don't forget to change its appearance to that of a released product once the product is actually released to the public.


  • A group entry features a table template to fill in. An example of a complete entry can be found in the Infinite article. Simply copy this table and paste it into the new article and change the fields.
  • If the group has a logo, place it on the right of the tale template with a width of 200 pixels. For consistency use an MSX logo, not a high resolution PC image.
  • Include a history paragraph. Like, how was the group formed, and when, where, why, by whom?
  • (optional) Add separate sections for special information that stands out.
  • Make a list of past and present members and add their skills between brackets. Keep in mind you can link to such persons if they are present in the persons page.
  • A full list of productions, with the year of release between brackets. Series of products should all be listed individually.
  • (optional) Challenge entries and their results between brackets.
  • To be consistent with other groups: write out abbreviations of group names.

Further information

  • Some members of the crew will dedicate some of their time keeping the wiki all tidy. Don't worry if you forget a consistency rule or two, it will be tweaked by crew members or other user. If for some valid reason you want a radical change that you can't do yourself, don't hesitate to contact the admins.
  • Wiki Formatting