EleHobby MOVIT2 MV-9505
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The EleHobby MOVIT2 MV-905 aka MSX-Wizard is the first little robot created for the MSX system. It was released in 1984 and distributed in Japan not only by its creators, but also by Sanyo. It was advertised as 'educational tool'.

The full package includes the robot, a cartridge and a manual. The robot has a back location for batteries.

The cartridge can be inserted not only in a slot of the MSX computer, but also in a front location of the robot. It has its own RAM and includes a ROM with software.

This robot can be used on any MSX computer with at least 16kB RAM.

Launch price: ¥12,800


The menu of the software on the cartridge has 3 options: Edit (F1) - Charge (F2) - Discode (F3).

With the cartridge on the computer, you can create the movements that the robot needs to make, then save the data on the RAM of the cartridge.

The robot will execute the programmed movements when the cartridge is put in the location between its arms.



MOVIT2 box
MOVIT2 box (top)
MOVIT2 with box (left side)
MOVIT2 back
MOVIT2 box with Sanyo sticker
MOVIT2 box and content
MOVIT2 with box (right side)
MOVIT2 close-up
MOVIT2 box (back)


MOVIT2 software - menu
MOVIT2 software - edition option