Emulators for MSX
This page was last modified 16:00, 26 May 2023 by Mars2000you. Based on work by Gdx.

Emulator for MSX are very few. Mission is claimed as ColecoVision emulator but it is in fact just a tool to patch I/O ports and the few minor things that allow ColecoVision games to run on MSX. Some loaders (SG2MSX, SG1000, etc) make the same thing for SG-1000 games with more efficiency because the architecture of this console is more similar to MSX1s.

GEM can be considered as a Gameboy emulator for MSX2 computers equiped with a V9990 VDP. I can run some games. SCC sound chip and an external 4MB Memory Mapper are recommended to run more games. It is optimized MSX turbo R and there is also a version for Leonardo Padial's LPE-Z380 extension.

Another Gameboy emulator called Jacksboy is also available for the FlashJacks users. It use the internal FPGA to emule the Gameboy.