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Expander BASIC is provided with Lightpen Graphics, a drawing program for lightpen, written by HAL Laboratory and used in several Sanyo products.

There have been two versions of this utility:

  • Version 1 (probably without the MSX-BASIC extension)
    • on tape and provided with the MPC-10 (version 1.0) and MPC-11 (version 1.1) computers
    • built in the Daewoo DLP-01 peripheral
  • Version 2

Version 2 allows to save your drawings in a MSX-BASIC program that can be runned only when the cartridge is in a slot, because some additional instructions are used to recreate the product of your artistic work.

You can also optionally write directly programs using these instructions when the cartridge is present. When you choose 'MSX-BASIC' in the main menu of this utility, the Expander BASIC is indeed available for using (even without lightpen).


The Expander BASIC extension adds four new instructions.

Note: CALL can be replaced by the character underscore (_). A space is not required after this character. See CALL for more info.


Instruction Generation Function
CALL BLINE MSX1 Draws a bold line (3x3 pixels) on screen 2, 3 or 4 without overlapping color effects
CALL LLINE MSX1 Draws a light line on screen 2, 3, 4 without overlapping color effects
CALL SPAINT MSX1 Fills the zone of a drawing in screen 2, 3, 4 without effect outside this zone
CALL SPSET MSX1 Puts a point of specified color on screen 2, 3 or 4 without overlapping color effects

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