Category:Federation Against FAC
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Years active 1991-1993
Main activities dissing FAC
Founded by The Pretender
Area The Netherlands
Current/final members
Former members
Website FONY


Fony was behind the FAF (Federation Against FAC), which was more or less a gimmick.

The reason for this was mainly due to one reason: the fact that FAC was anti-Commodore, but introduced FAC Soundtracker which was based on the Commodore Soundtracker.


The FAF appeared on Fony Demodisk #2, where a FAC Soundtracker disk was shot, where the bullet holes formed "FAF". The pay off sentence was: There "was" a new disk in town.

FAF also made a virus called the FAC-Virus. It would copy itself to the bootsector of a disk. After a reboot, the machine would boot into what seemed like the normal BASIC screen, but the only thing you could type was "FUCK FAC", no matter what keys you pressed. The virus was never released.

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