Frael Bruc 100
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Produced by Frael and released in 1987 in Italy. It was sold with a separate data recorder and many softwares on 7 cassette tapes. There are two models that are identical on the front side. The first model has no cartridge port but a extension BUS.

The keyboard on the unit is a bit different from a MSX. The layout is "International". There are 107 keys including a number pad, shortcut keys and some mirror keys.

The power supply is build-in.

Brand Frael (Franchi Electronics)
Type Bruc 100
Year 1987, 1988 for second model
RAM 64kB in slot 1
Media MSX Cartridges (Rev.2 only), Cassette tapes (Non-standard?)
Video TMS9129NL
Audio PSG (AY-3-8910)
Chipset none (separate IC's)
Extras Extended keyboard with keypad, separate data recorder with educational software on tapes


Frael Bruc 100
Frael-Bruc100 rev1 back side
Frael-Bruc100 rev2 back side


The Bruc 100 is not totally an MSX1 computer. The cartridge slot (or a extension BUS without sound input) and the cassette tape connector are a bit different.

This computer doesn't support the FM-Pac nor some floppy disk controllers, etc because the cartridge slot does not provide + 12V nor -12V. It has also the particularity of two /SLTSL signals (pin 4 for slot 2 and reserved pin 16 for slot 3). The cassette port is not 100% MSX compatible, the middle pin (GND) is missing.

The Basic of Bruc 100 is not the MSX-Basic but it is very similar. (a MSX-Basic hacked?)

The Z80A comes from SGS (Z8400AB1). The internal Roms are the Main-Rom of 32KB (BIOS & MCL extended Basic v1.1 or v1.2) and a specific Rom of 8KB (v.1.0) or 32KB (v.1.3)

  • Floppy Disk Drive: None
  • Size: ? x ? x ? mm (W x D x H)
  • Weight: ? kg
  • Official price: ?


  • Monitor connector (with video conposite and analog sound output)
  • RF output
  • Tape recorder connector (7-pin instead of the MSX standard 8-pin)
  • Centronics compatible parallel port for a printer
  • 2 general connectors (joysticks, mouse, paddle controllers, ...)
  • 1 cartridge slot or 1 extension BUS depending model. (Slot 2 & 3 in one port/BUS!)