Fujitsu FMT-PD104
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The joypad FMT-PD104 was released in Japan as FM Towns joypad by Fujitsu.

Although its common pin is connected to the pin-9 of the DE-9 connector, instead of the pin-8 as required by the MSX standard all MSX software can be used.

Official starting price: ¥3,000.

Do not confuse this controller with the very look-alike FMM-PAD301 used on the Marty console because that controller has an extra shoulder button which causes a short circuit on the MSX when pressed.


Fujitsu FMT-PD104
Fujitsu FMT-PD104 underside
Fujitsu FMT-PD104

Patches that allows to play games with the extra buttons

Following patches replaces some keyboard key functions required in games by extra buttons Run and Select of the controller. This gives us a better game-play.