Gomwing FM Sound Cartridge
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The FM Sound Cartridge is a clone of the FM-PAC manufactured by Gomwing in 2016. It is made up of an YM2413, FPGA and EEPROM which contains the FM-PAC firmware. It was produced and sold in small quantities by a Korean club. The Battery is not required for the PAC function, but malfunctions in R800 mode. Also due to noise, production of this version was discontinued.

The contacts are gold plated.


Gomwing FM Sound Cartridge
Gomwing FM Sound Cartridge PCB
Gomwing FM Sound Cartridge PCB back


  • YM2413 FM chip
  • 16kB MSX-MUSIC Basic
  • PAC SRAM support (turbo modes not supported)
  • Built-in firmware

See MSX-MUSIC page for more specifications.