Gradiente CT-80NET
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The Gradiente CT-80NET is a special version of the CT-80E cartridge as it combines access to the 80 column text mode on a MSX1 computer with an RS-232C serial interface. Official product name is "Cartão 80 Colunas & RS-232C".

It has inside the V9938 video chip, 16kB VRAM and a 16kB ROM; the text editor has been replaced by RS-232C support including RS-232C BASIC and an extra BASIC instruction: CALL MSXLINK to access the IBM-PC terminal mode.

Brand Gradiente
Model CT-80NET
Year 1987
Region Brazil
Launch price
Package content
Emulation ROM dumped, but not yet emulated.


Gradiente CT-80NET
Gradiente CT-80NET PCB
(without the V9938 VDP chip)
CT-80NET PCB underside
Gradiente CT-80NET

System Requirements

  • MSX1 computer with video composite output, one free slot cartridge