Gradiente TM-1
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The Gradiente TM-1, called Telecom module, is a peripheric that includes a cartridge slot, a 75/1200 baud modem (the two 4-pin telephone plugs) and a 50-19200 baud RS-232C interface (DIN-8 connector).

It transforms the connected computer into a videotex (Telesp) and Cirandão (Embratel) terminal.

All units were sold to Sao Paulo state telephone company for commercial access to videotex system.

Brand Gradiente
Type TM-1
Year 1988
Region Brazil
Official price
Package content
Emulation ROM dump needed. See this thread for details.


Gradiente TM-1 module
Gradiente TM-1 module (back)
Gradiente TM-1 interface
Gradiente TM-1 box
Gradiente TM-1 module and interface
Gradiente TM-1 module (underside)