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The HAL HIS-60 Handy Scanner-MSX2 package was released in 1990 by HAL Laboratory. The scanner itself is the same as was available for the NEC PC-9801.

Besides the HIS-10 scanner, this package includes the HALSCAN cartridge, a floppy disk, a manual, cables and a power supply adapter.

The HALSCAN cartridge contains a ROM with an extra BASIC instruction (see HandyScanner BASIC). It has three connectors, one for the power supply adapter, one for the scanner and the last one for a printer. If you insert it in slot 2, it can be used with the Halnote cartridge in slot 1.

The floppy disk contains several utilities:

  • SCAN.BAS and SCANNER.BAS to perform a scan in screen 5, 6, 7 or 8
  • a recent version of Graphic Studio Pro, including an option to create new fonts in screen 8
  • PRINT.BAS to print your work on the Panasonic FS-PC1
  • PACKBIT.HN to use your work in Halnote
Brand HAL Laboratory
Type HIS-60
Year 1989-12
Region Japan
Official price ¥24,800
Package content HALSCAN cartridge
Power supply
2DD Handy Scanner System disk
User manual


HAL HIS-60 cartridge (right side)
HAL HIS-60 box
HAL HIS-60 main content of box
HAL HIS-60 content of box
HAL HIS-60 floppy disk
HAL HIS-60 main content of box

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