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The HAL HTC-001 is a trackball that was sold together with a software application. Product name is 'CAT'.

The trackball has a screw in the base, to secure the ball for shipping, which must be removed before the trackball can be used.

There are some little differences between the Japanese version and the European version: absence or presence of the cat logo in front, different label underside. Also a few Japanese exemplars were sold in a simple box without colored explanations.

This trackball was also sold

  • by the General company (just adding a sticker on the underside)
  • by Sony as Sony GB-7 / GB-7S
Brand HAL Laboratory
Type HTC-001
Year 1984
Region Europe, JP
Official price JP: ¥14,800 with Animation editor Eddy (アニメエディタEDDY)
GB: £79.95 with Eddy II
GB: £79.95 with Music Editor MUE
Package content


HAL HTC-001 Japanese set
HAL HTC-001 Japanese box (back)
HAL HTC-001 European box and content
HAL HTC-001 JP ver. (buttons)
HAL HTC-001 European version
HAL HTC-001 EU ver. (underside)
HAL HTC-001 box (front)
HAL HTC-001 box (underside)
HAL HTC-001 box (top)
HAL HTC-001 Japanese label
HAL HTC-001 JP sold by General (underside)
HAL HTC-001 Japanese simple box
Animation editor Eddy tape
HAL Music Editor MUE