Happy Computer
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Happy Computer, was a German computer magazine that published from November 1983 until January 1990, after which the name was changed to Computer Live. The magazine was not dedicated to any particular system, and they were initially positive about the MSX system.

The below linked issues feature MSX content.

For additional issues, check out the Internet archive or wikipedia for additional background information.

Issue Archive.org MSX content
1984-01 [1] Neue Welle aus Japan: MSX - die Super-Heimcomputer
1984-04 [2] News about MSX in the CES Las Vegas report
1984-11 [3] news about MSX in the hifivideo84 report
Glanz und Elend eines Standards
Review SVI-728
Hyper Olympics / Antarctic Adventure review
Alles über MSX
1984-12 [4] Sony JS-55 in Joystick comparison
Alles über MSX, 2. Teil
Vergleichstest: Sonys MSX-Computer gegen Commodore 64
1985-01 [5] Neues MSX-Zubehör getestet
Die MSX-Seite
Crazy Train review
Athletic Land review
1985-02 [6] Quickdisk news
Philips VW-0020 printer news
Yashica YC-64 review
Die MSX-Seite
1985-03 [7] CE-TEC MPC 80 review
Die MSX-Seite
Dorodon review
Hyper Sports 1 review
1985-04 [8] CES Las Vegas news (Pioneer PV-7, Sony HB-701FD, National CF-3000/CF-3300)
Yamaha CX5M review (Der Musik Maestro)
1985-05 [9] 8 oder 16bit
CES Las Vegas report (Movit 2 robot)
MSX-Mix (Flotter Dreier - MPC-100, Goldstar FC-200, Canon V-20)
Drei Tricks für MSX
H.E.R.O. review
1985-06 [10] MSX-Mix (Tasword review)
Neue Tricks für MSX
1985-07 [11] CEBIT report
MSX-Mix (HyperShot, Hyper Sports 2, Konami’s Tennis, MSX-Arbeitsgemeinschaft, Book review (MSX – Der erste Heimcomputerstandard), Champ Assembler
Joystick report with Sony JS-55
Tips & Tricks (Bildschirm-Hardcopy für MSX-Computer)
Yie Ar Kung-Fu review
1985-08 [12] CES Chicago report (Schweigen über MSX)
Hudson HC 62-2 (Joy Card) news
MSX-Mix (VG-8020, book reviews (MSX Anwenderprogramme, BASIC-Wegweiser für MSX-Computer), Data Becker news, CompuTrace Educational software news)
1985-09 [13] MSX-Mix (CE-TEC DPF-550, Hole in One, book review (MSX Grafik & Sound))
MSX-2 Mit neuem Standard in die Video-Zukunft
9 MSX-Computer im Vergleich (CE-TEC MPC 80, Goldstar FC-200, Philips VG 8010, Philips VG 8020, Sanyo MPC 64, Sony HB-75P, Spectravideo SVI-728, Yamaha CX5M, Yashica YC-64)
MSX-Software: Es Geht voran
Spectravideo SVI-738 review
1985-10 [14] MSX-Mix (Software Made in Germany, Super Chess)
Der Halleysche Komet Kommt - listing by K.Silber
Star Seeker review
1985-11 [15] Funkhaus Berlin report (MSX war Trumpf)
MSX-Mix (Road Fighter, English books, Quick disk comparison)
Wie musikalisch ist mein Heimcomputer?
1985-12 [16] Heimsoftware
1986-01 [17] RVS Datentechnik software
1986-02 [18] Preisrutsch bei MSX (Sony and Philips)
1986-03 [19] MSX läßt die Maus raus (Philips Grafik Maus VZ-1921)
Sport-Spiele für MSX (Konami’s Soccer, Konami’s Boxing, Hyper Rally, Yie Ar Kung-Fu 2)
1986-05 [20] Vier neue MSX-Computer von Sony (HB-10D, HB-F9P, HB-F700D, HB-G900D)
MSX-2: Weltstandard im zweiten Anlauf? (Philips VG-8235)
Konami’s Ping-Pong
1986-06 [21] CEBIT report (MSX-2 stellt sich vor)
1986-07 [22] MSX 2 setzt neuen Standard
Mirroring example (Spieglein, Spieglein) listing by Alexander Wolf
1987-01 [23] CP/M Plus für MSX 2
1987-03 [24] Videoeffekte zum Selbermachen (Philips NMS-8280)