HiSoft Development Pack 80
This page was last modified 15:56, 29 November 2018 by Rderooy. Based on work by Gdx.

DevPac80 is a development kit for CP/M and MSX-DOS.

The kit contains following tools:

  • BINTOCOM (file format converter)
  • COMTOBIN (file format converter)
  • ED80 (Text editor)
  • GEN80 (The best assembler for MSX?)
  • GTOG (convert source file from AMSDOS to GEN80 format)
  • HDE (Interactive menu system editor)
  • HDEINST (HDE and ED80 installer)
  • MON80 (debugger)
  • PMON (debugger)
  • SD (shows the tree)
  • UNLOAD2 (convert COM file to HEX)
  • WD (files deleting)
  • WP (files copying)