Hitachi MB-H80
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The Hitachi MB-H80 was the planned adaptation for the European market of the Hitachi MB-H21 in a more compact format, with more RAM (64kB instead of 32) and an 'international' QWERTY keyboard (probably with £ key).

Although announced in several magazines for release for the Christmas 1984 season[1], then delayed to Spring 1985[2], this computer has never been released.

In France, the MB-H80 was presented to the public and the press also in late 1984 but was never released.

Brand Hitachi
Type MB-H80
Year unreleased
Region France, United Kingdom
Original price
RAM 64kB (? in slot 3)
Media MSX cartridges
Video  ? Texas Instruments TMS9929ANL
Audio PSG
Chipset none (separate IC's)
Extras firmware (Sketch, Sound, Roulette, System Monitor Utility) and CPU speed controller switch


Note: It's the only published picture of this unreleased computer. A picture in a better quality is not available. The articles mentioned in the Notes section below do have an image of the machine, but these have not been scanned in good quality.

Hitachi MB-H80


The MB-H80 is an unreleased MSX1 with a CPU speed controller for slow games execution. The CPU is a Z80A from Sharp (LH0080A).



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