Hitachi MP-RA01H
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The Hitachi RAM cartridge MP-RA01H is an expansion of 16kB RAM.

Its RAM is placed on page 2 (8000h~BFFFh). As such it is only useful to upgrade a 16kB MSX to 32kB. However the systems base memory and the expansion will be in different slots which can cause compatibility problems with some software that blindly assumes all memory to be in a single slot.

If you are looking for a memory expansion we recommend to buy another standard expansion. A 64kB RAM expansion, or even better a Memory Mapper cartridge that initializes its pages itself at start up is the best choice.

Brand Hitachi
Type MP-RA01H
Year 1984
Region Japan
Official price ¥8.000
Package content



Minimum System Requirements

  • MSX1 computer with 16kB RAM, one free slot cartridge