Home Computer Aktiv
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Home Computer Aktiv (HCA) was a German magazine, which was the result of a merger between MSX Revue and TI Revue. They published from March 1985 until July 1988 for a total of 12 issues.

They continued publishing both MSX and TI content, adding coverage of other computer systems along the way. The last issue to subscribers was accompanied with a letter stating that their subscription would change to PC Populär for the remainder of the subscription period. This subscription would be accompanied by additional content for the MSX and TI, not available in stores.

Strangely enough, after the publication of HCA had been discontinued, they still published at least one extra magazine under the old MSX Revue title: "MSX Revue Extra Nr. 1/89"

Unfortunately none of the issues appear to have been preserved online. If you have any scans, please upload them to archive.org and link them below. An overview of the issues can be found on the TI-99 website

Date No. Supplement Archive.org
1987-3 3/4
1987-5 5/87
1987-6 6/87
1987-7 7/87
1987-8 8/87
1987-9 9/87
1987-10 10/87
1987-11 11/87
1988-1 1/88
1988-2 2/88
1988-3 3/88
1984-4 4/88
1988-5 5/88
1988-6 6/88
1988-7 7/88
1988-8 8/88