How to restore a disk image file to floppy disk
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HD disk with HD hole covered up

This page describes how to write regular MSX disk images to a disk using a MSX, PC or Mac.

You can normally use a 3.5" HD (High Density) disk instead of a 1DD (360kB) or 2DD (720kB) disk. However, in such a case you should really cover up the 'HD hole' with some non-translucent tape as any HD capable disk drives may get confused otherwise.




  1. Enter the command PUTDISK <DriveName:¥Path¥FileName>under MSX-DOS2.
  2. specify the drive name in which the floppy disk is inserted.

Note: If you specify a disk that is not a floppy disk drive, an error message will be displayed.


Enter the command FDSAVE <SourceDriveName:> <FileName.EXT> [/Sxx][/Exx|/Nxx] under MSX-DOS2 (drive and path can be specified).

/Sxx option is used to specify the start sector
/Exx is to specify the end sector
/Nxx is to specify the number of sectors


  • Be careful not to specify a bad destination disk.
  • /E and /N cannot be used at the same time.
  • Values are in hexa.