Hudson BP-0001
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The Hudson BP-0001 BeePack is an MSX cartridge to Hudson Bee Card adapter.

The Bee Card is roughly the size of a credit card, but thicker. They were designed and manufactured in collaboration with Mitsubishi Plastics Inc. (MPI). The Bee Card is effectively a ROM cartridge in a smaller form factor. To customers it was advertised as being more practical then regular cartridges as it required less physical space to store them.

The purpose of the Hudson Bee Card was to provide a lower cost solution then cartridge based software, while still providing the same ease of use and protection against piracy compared to tape or disk distributed software. The customer only needed a single BeePack Adapter, and could often get one bundled with a game.

Hudson Bee Cards were offered only in selected regions, mainly Japan but some games were also offered in Spain and the UK.

In Europe, the Astron SoftCard by Electric Software was a similar approach. The Astron Softcard is however not compatible with the Hudson BeeCard. The Hudson BeeCard has a single row of 32 connectors, while the Astron Softcard has two rows with a total of 38 connectors.

Relatively few games have been released on cards, and the medium vanished rather quickly.


Hudson Bee Card adapter
Hudson Bee Card - PCB
Hudson Bee Card - PCB back
Hudson Bee Card boxed
Hudson Bee Card - PCB front without components
Hudson Bee Card collection

Bee Card software

Product Region Year Title
BC-M1 JP 1985 Baseball Craze
BC-M1E ES, UK 1985 Baseball Craze
BC-M2 JP 1985 Star Force
BC-M3 ES, JP, UK 1985 Jet Set Willy
BC-M4 UK 1984 T-Plan
BC-M5 JP 1985 Konami's Pooyan
BC-M7 JP 1986 Bomber Man Special
BC-M8 JP 1986 Star Soldier
BC-M9 JP 1986 Master Takahashi's Adventure Island


Hudson Bee Pack - PCB with added pin markings
BeeCard connector 74LS00
1 GND 1 74LS00 – pin 2 – 8
2 5V 2 74LS00 – pin 1 – 8
3 A12 3 BeeCard connector – pin 21
4 A7 4 74LS00 – pin 5
5 A6 5 A14
6 A5 6 BeeCard connector – pin 28
7 A4 7 GND
8 A3 8 74LS00 – pin 1 – 2
9 A2 9 CS2 – ROM addresses 8000-BFFF select signal
10 A1 10 CS1 – ROM addresses 4000-7FFF select signal
11 A0 11 N/C
12 D0 12 N/C
13 D1 13 N/C
14 D2 14 5V
15 GND
16 D3
17 D4
18 D5
19 D6
20 D7
21 74LS00 – pin 3
22 A10
24 A11
25 A9
26 A8
27 A13
28 74LS00 – pin 6
29 5V
30 5V