JVC/Victor HC-F303
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The HC-F303 is a single sided 360kB 3.5" floppy disk drive with interface adapter HC-FC303, released by JVC/Victor. It supports up to two drives.

It is Identical to the Philips VY-0010 and Sakhr AFD-01, even the ROMs can be swapped. It is possible to upgrade the ROM to support double sided (720kB) media, but this also requires the actual drive to be replaced.

The interface includes a ROM with version 1 of the Disk BASIC commands.

It was released under the Victor brand in Japan and under the JVC brand in Europe. In Japan the interface and drive were sold separately, such that you could purchase a second drive. In Europe it was only offered as a set. A second disk drive was not offered separately in Europe, although you could use the Philips VY-0011 as it is the same drive.

Brand JVC/Victor
Type HC-FC303 / HC-F303
Year 1985
Region JP, Europe
Official price ¥64,800 for the disk drive and ¥25,000 for the interface
Package content HC-FC303 interface
HC-F303 drive
Data cable
Operating instructions
Emulation ROM dumped, and emulated (see Philips VY-0010)


JVC HC-F303 drive and HC-FC303 interface
JVC HC-F303 disk drive
JVC HC-F303 back
JVC HC-FC303 interface cartridge
JVC HC-FC303 interface with cable plugged in
JVC HC-FC303 interface - PCB

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