JunSoft DalSoRi R2.0
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The DalSoRi R2.0 is a MoonSound-compatible sound cartridge manufactured by JunSoft. The name “DalSoRi” (달소리) is Korean for moon sound.

Going beyond a mere MoonSound clone, JunSoft has added the ability to switch away the sample ROM for RAM (4 MB total), the maximum the OPL4 can support and also increasing the number of user instrument definitions from 128 to 512.

Additionally the I/O port can be changed to C0H to support two modules simultaneously.

Lastly it supports the MSX-AUDIO v1.3 BIOS by FRS, which gives compatibility with a large amount of MSX-MUSIC and MSX-AUDIO software.


DalSoRi R2.0 cartridge
DalSoRi R2.0 PCB front
DalSoRi R2.0 PCB back


  • Yamaha YMF278B OPL4 sound chip
  • NXP Philips UDA1330A DAC
  • 4 MB Sample-RAM
  • Yamaha YRW-801 ROM
  • Flash memory for MSX-AUDIO BIOS
  • DIP switches for ROM / RAM select, C0H C4H I/O enable, BIOS enable
  • External stereo audio output (TRS 3.5mm jack)

See OPL4 page for more specifications.