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It's a MSX-DOS 1 tool provided by Phiips on disk with the NMS 1210, NMS 1211 and NMS 1212 RS-232C interfaces.


This tool can be configured by modifying the initialisation settings in the KERMITR.INI file.



Launches a terminal program enabling to transfer files using the Kermit protocol.

Note: This command does not work under MSX-DOS 2 / Nextor.




This command does not take parameters.

Kermit MSX-DOS commands

After launching, you can use the internal Kermit MSX-DOS command line. Some commands work in a similar way to standard MSX-DOS 1.

Command Parameters Effect
BYE - Logs out and exits to MSX-DOS
CONNECT - Connects to remote system
DATE - Returns local date and time
DELETE <Device>:<Filename> Deletes local files
DIR <Device>:<Filename> Displays listing of local files
EXIT - Exits from the utility
FINISH - Shuts down remote server
HELP - Gives help about the utility
LOG <Device>:<Filename> Logs remote terminal session to a file
LOGOUT - Logs out remote server
RECEIVE <Device>:<Filename> Receives files from remote server
RENAME <Device>:<Filename> <NewFilename> Renames local files
SEND <Device>:<Filename> Sends files to remote server
SET see below Sets various parameters
SHOW - Displays infos about settings
SLEEP <Time> in seconds Delays the data communication
TAKE <Device>:<Filename> Takes commands from a file
TRANSMIT <Device>:<Filename> Transmits a local ASCII file without Kermit
TYPE <Device>:<Filename> Displays the contents of an ASCII file

Parameters of the SET command

Note: You can put parameters in the KERMITR.INI file (will be used when launching KERMITR) and/or in a file that will be used by the TAKE command.

Parameter 1 Parameter 2 Effect
ADDLFR ON/OFF Enables/disables addition of line feed after a received carriage return
ADDLFT ON/OFF Enables/diables addition of line feed after a sent carriage return
BAUD 16 options between
50 and 9600
Changes RS-232C speed (sending and receiving)
Default is 4800
DATABITS 5, 6, 7 or 8 Changes the number of databits to use
DISPLAY ON/OFF Enables/disables display of text sent with TRANSMIT
ESCAPE an ASCII character Changes Escape character from CONNECT
Default is (Control-)c
FILE_WARNING ON/OFF Enables/disables warning on to avoid file collision
IBM ON/OFF Enables/disables settings for communication with IBM-mainframe
LOCAL-ECHO ON/OFF Enables/disables echoing during CONNECT
Default is OFF
PARITY ODD, EVEN, NONE Changes parity character
Default is NONE
PORT 0 or 1 Changes communication port (only for NMS 1211)
PROMPT String of 1 to 25 printable
characters except space
Changes prompt
Default is MSX-Kermit>
RXBAUD 16 options between
50 and 9600
Changes RS-232C receiving speed
Default is 4800
STOPBITS 1, 1.5 or 2 Changes the number of stopbits to use
TIMEOUT 1 to 99 Changes the number of seconds before a timeout
when trying to receive a message - Default is 15
TXBAUD 16 options between
50 and 9600
Changes RS-232C sending speed
Default is 4800
VERSION ON/OFF Enables/disables display of software version with SHOW
VT52 ON/OFF Enables/disables emulation of VT52 terminal
XON/XOFF ON/OFF Enables/disables the full duplex flow control

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