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Years active 2002-today
Main activities Games, Utilities
Founded by Pitpan
Area Spain
Current/final members Pitpan
Former members Jon Cortázar (Viejo_Archivero)
Website Karoshi forum



Karoshi Corporation will always be remembered for their outstanding MSX1 games that have competed in the MSXdev challenges. Pitpan as individual has also been instrumental in creating and organizing the original successful MSXdev challenges, along with the creation of assembler asMSX. For a number of years, both Pitpan and Jon Cortázar (Viejo_Archivero) haven't been involved with MSXdev anymore. Jon was making his name as RELEVO Videogames. On March the 3rd 2012, it was announced that the Karoshi MSX Community has taken over the organisation of the MSXdev contest, with both Pitpan and Viejo_Archivero at the steering wheel.


  • Pitpan (code, graphics, music)



  • Guru Logic (2003) - This game has been taken off line.
  • Sou-Ko-Ban Pocket Edition (2004)
  • Duck Hunt (2004)
  • Picture Puzzle (2004)
  • Factory Infection (2004)
  • Snail Maze (demo entry) (2004)
  • Griel's Quest for the Sangraal (2005)
  • Saimazoom (2005)
  • Phantomas Saga: Infinity (2006) - Conversion from a CEZ GS game
  • Malaika Prehistoric Quest (2006)
  • Daedalian Opus (2006)
  • Night Driver (2007)
  • La Corona Encantada (2008)

Open Source Games

  • Classic Pong (2004)
  • Classic Minesweeper (2004)
  • G-Monkey (2008)
  • Go! (2011)


  • WaveR
  • asMSX

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