Laser MSX2
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The Laser MSX2 is one of the rarest MSX computers, only three units are known to exist, one with a QWERTY keyboard, one with a QWERTZ keyboard and one with an AZERTY keyboard, that was given as prize to the winner of a contest organized by a French MSX magazine.

The Laser MSX2 was announced in a news bulletin in Standard MSX issue 3 of 1985 on page 18, and offered in a competition on page 49. In issue 5 of Micros MSX (new name of "Standard MSX") on page 14 they mention that the Laser MSX2 will not come to market and that the system they had, has been given to the winner of the competition. An announcement can also be found on page 221 of December 1985 number of Australian Personal Computer magazine and was apparently sold by a local store in Australia.

A version for the German market with QWERTZ keyboard was reviewed in Mein Home Computer 1986-03.

Initially, the Video Technology company from Hong Kong wanted to release a MSX1, but in 1986 it was better to come out with a MSX2 computer. It was announced for 2690 FF but was never released for unknown reasons.

The design of this computer is similar to the previously non-MSX computers released by this company, such as the Laser 500 or 700. The specifications are identical to the Philips VG-8235 or NMS 8245, but without any disk drive.

Brand Laser
Type MSX2
Year 1986
Region France, Germany
Original price FR: 2690 FF
RAM 128kB (? in slot 3-2)
VRAM 128kB
Media MSX cartridges
Video Yamaha V9938
Audio PSG (probably YM2149 integrated in MSX-Engine S3527)
Chipset Yamaha S3527
Keyboard layout QWERTY, AZERTY or QWERTZ
Emulation ROM dump needed. See this thread for details


Laser MSX2 with QWERTY keyboard
Laser MSX2 with QWERTZ keyboard
Laser 500 (non-MSX) with AZERTY keyboard


The Laser MSX2 is a MSX2 with probably a MSX-Engine S3527 from Yamaha.