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Latok his IRL name is Anne Geert de Raad. He got his first MSX computer in 1986, a Philips VG8235/00. He still remembers it very vividly. He took his dad to the MAKRO in Amsterdam to buy a C64. His dad was then persuaded by the salesman to buy a Philips computer, as those computers were better in office applications. That turned out to be a life changing event, as decades later, Latok is still enjoying MSX on a regular basis.

In his first years, Latok was pretty inactive, as mysteriously, cracked megaroms didn't work well on his computer. Only recently, Latok discovered he should have read the @#$%! manual which came with the VG8235/00. A small design flaw in the computer caused him not being able to play all those fine Konami games.

With the disk release of Space Manbow, he was fed up with his VG8235/00 and managed to trade it for a Philips NMS8245, which was in 1992 replaced by a brand new MSX turbo R FS-A1GT computer. He's still using that one as we speak. It's on a desk. In his livingroom. It has stand the test of girlfriends and kids claiming living space. And it will do so in the future.

Latok turned social in 1990 for he became a regular visitor to MSX Computer Club Groningen meetings. There he met people such as Sander Zuidema, Michiel de Vries, Pascal Oldenzeel and Henk Moesker. Flying Bytes was formed and as a member, Latok was mainly responsible for the music and minor coding.

Through Flying Bytes, Latok got acquainted to the Dutch MSX scene in the early 90s and within months, he saw himself having fun in local hotels prior to fairs in Zandvoort and Tilburg. There he met the MSX Engine crew, which eventually brought him in contact with Frank Druijff, the MCCM editor in chief. Latok started writing software reviews for MCCM until this magazine passed away in late 1997.

Latok his silent years followed. Somewhere in 2001 he managed to get in contact with Kazuhiko Nishi who he drove around The Netherlands for some time and for whom he did the introduction to Nishi his famous Tilburg speech. Shortly after, Latok renewed his contact with Sander Zuidema, who was by then partly responsible for the brand new MSX Resource Center. Latok joined the crew and was one of the admins of this site till his departure from the MRC team in October 2017.

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