Liftrom Disk Drive
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The Liftrom Disk Drive is a floppy disk interface that was sold with a single-sided 180kB 5.25" floppy disk drive in Brazil. Power supply is internal. A floppy disk with MSX-DOS 1 was included.

The interface includes a Brazilian regionalized ROM with version 1 of the Disk BASIC instructions. Last version of the Disk ROM is v.2.7. It is compatible with standard PC 3.5" (360 or 720kB) and 5.25" (180 or 360kB) floppy drives.

Almost every MSX FDD interface uses a memory interface, but this one (and also the Microsol CDX models) uses ports instead.

Brand Liftrom
Model Disk Drive
Region Brazil
Launch price
Package content Interface, drive, data cable, manual, floppy disk with MSX-DOS 1
Emulation ROM dumped, but not yet emulated


Liftrom Disk Drive box
Liftrom Disk Drive
Liftrom Disk Drive right side
Liftrom Disk Drive front
Liftrom Disk Drive back