MCCA Infodisk 07
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The interface is for MSX2 and higher, but most software are compatible with MSX1.



Diskmagazine released by the MSX Computer Club Almelo in June 1991.


  • you need to boot while pressing the CTRL key
  • the magazine part has an animated intro in screen 5
  • direct access to the menu by pressing CTRL + spacebar during the boot sequence
  • the menu has a more professional look by using screen 6 and icons, it is also enhanced by stereo MSX-MUSIC/MSX-AUDIO songs in FAC Soundtracker 1 format (FST2.BIN is actually a first version of the driver STL2.BIN)

Main content

MCCA Infodisk 7 Intro
MCCA Infodisk 7 Menu
MCCA Infodisk 7 Screen 8 picture



MSX-BASIC loader Title Author Generation Notes
3D.TRB 3-D Pieter Knoop MSX2 X-BASIC required


MSX-BASIC loader Title Author Generation Soundchips Notes
ANDANTE.FM Andante Elko Duijm MSX2 MSX-MUSIC To play on MSX1:
Put a REM for line 1051
ANDANTIN.FM Andantino Andries Minnaard MSX1 MSX-MUSIC
MOSQUITO.FM Mosquito Andries Minnaard MSX1 MSX-MUSIC + PSG
ROMANZE.FM Romanze Elko Duijm MSX2 MSX-MUSIC To play on MSX1:
Put a REM on line 1000
before :VDP(10)=2
THINKING.FM I've Been Thinking
About You
Andries Minnaard MSX1 MSX-MUSIC
TIMEFORG.FM Time For Goodbye Andries Minnaard MSX1 MSX-MUSIC + PSG
TURKCERE.FM Turkish Ceremony Andries Minnaard MSX1 MSX-MUSIC
VOETBAL.FM The King of Football
(Koning Voetbal)
Andries Minnaard MSX1 MSX-MUSIC

  • Song in Synth Saurus format - MSX-MUSIC - needs to be loaded in Synth Saurus on MSX2 or higher machine
    • Sultans Of Swing (coded by Elko Duijm)
      • SULTANS.RTM - rhythm
      • SULTANS.MS1 to SULTANS.MS6 - score
  • Details about all the FAC Soundtracker 1 songs on MCCA Infodisk 07
Song (MUS) Drumkit (SM1/2) Title Composer
ACID2 ACID2 Electric Audio Acid Albert Huitsing
BECAUSE - Because Elko Duijm
NIHONGO NIHONGO Nihon-Go Andries Minnaard
OTHER OTHER Just Another Kind Of Music Albert Huitsing
PANNEDEK PANNEDEK Pan Lid (Pannedeksel) Andries Minnaard
TEDEUM - Te Deum (Eurovision Song) Elko Duijm

You can optionally put these files on a dedicated FAC Soundtracker 1 music disk.

For more tips about this format, check the FAC Music Disk 1 Wiki page, especially to play the songs on MSX1.


MSX-BASIC loader Title Author Generation
LOCK.LDR Lock Screensaver MCCA MSX1
LORDS.LDR Lords Characters MCCA MSX1



  • Screen 8 picture: MADONNA.PIC with loader PLAATJE.LDR

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