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Displays the amount and status of system RAM under MSX-DOS 2 / Nextor.

The following infos will be displayed:

  • amount of total RAM, free RAM, used RAM by the system, used RAM by the user, for all the available memory mappers
  • amount of free TPA. This is not the current free TPA, but the TPA available to any MSX-DOS 2 transient program (or tool)
  • amount of total history RAM, free history RAM. When this is 0 bytes, it means the history buffer is full, and that subsequently entered commands cause the first commands to be deleted from the buffer.
  • amount of total alias RAM, free alias RAM,
  • amount of total variables memory (swap RAM), free swap RAM. When the swap RAM has become too small no new shell can be started.



All parameters are optional.

Note: Character slash (/) serves to declare an option. You can put the options after the command or behind all other parameters.


/K is used to represent all figures of 1,024 bytes and over in a kilobyte unit.

/'P' to cause the output to pause at the bottom of the screen until a key is pressed.


 524 288 bytes total RAM in Slot 3-0
 278 528 bytes free
 245 760 bytes used by SYSTEM
       0 bytes used by user

 2 097 152 bytes total RAM in Slot 2-0
 1 359 872 bytes free
   737 280 bytes used by SYSTEM
         0 bytes used by user

    54 022 bytes total TPA memory

     1 024 bytes total history
       862 bytes free

    10 240 bytes total ALIAS
     8 290 bytes free

     5 105 bytes total variable SWAP memory
     5 105 bytes free
   512K total RAM in Slot 3-0
   272K free
   240K used by SYSTEM
      0 bytes used by user

   2048K total RAM in Slot 2-0
   1328K free
    720K used by SYSTEM
       0 bytes used by user

     52K total TPA memory

      1K total history
     839 bytes free

     10K total ALIAS
      8K free

      4K total variable SWAP memory
      4K free

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