MHT Ingenieros Gun-Stick
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The MHT Ingenieros Gun-Stick is a light gun for Amstrad, Spectrum, MSX and PC. It was sold in Spain. It can be used for playing the games listed below.

Light guns works only with a CRT monitor.

Title Developer Region Year
Bestial Warrior (Gunstick version) Dinamic ES 1989
Cosmic Sheriff (Gunstick version) Dinamic ES 1989
Duck Hunt Karoshi ES 2004
Guillermo Tell (Gunstick version) Opera Soft ES 1989
Mike Gunner (Gunstick version) Dinamic ES 1988
Solo (Gunstick version) Opera Soft ES 1989
Sootland (Gunstick version) Zafiro ES 1989
Space Smugglers (Gunstick version) MHT Ingenieros ES 1989
Target Plus (Gunstick version) Dinamic ES 1988
The A team (Gunstick version) Zafiro ES 1988
Trigger (Gunstick version) Opera Soft ES 1989

Brand MHT Ingenieros
Model Gun-Stick
Region Spain
Launch price
Package content


Gun-Stick packaging
Gun-Stick bateries holder


The Gun-Stick needs four batteries (size AA) to operate, the LED on the rear is an indicator of the state of the batteries. It lights up when you press the trigger. The use of batteries has been chosen to make one device which supports a maximum of computers.

The connector is different for the PC version (serial connector).