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Moves files from one place to another on a disk.

This command works with MSX-DOS 2, as provided by the MSX-DOS 2 cartridge or the MSX Turbo R machines, with a MSX-DOS 2 disk in the current active drive. It is also supported by Nextor.


MOVE /S /H /P <Device>:\<Path>\<Filename> + <Device>:\<Path>\<Filename>... <Device>:\<NewPath>\


  • Character backslash (\) serves as a separator between the folders and the file name in MSX-DOS2. You don't have to put it after the colon of the device name. Backslash is replaced by the character yen (¥) on Japanese MSX or the character won (₩) on Korean MSX.
  • Character slash (/) serves to declare an option. You can put the options after the command or behind all other parameters.


<Device> is the name for used device. It can only be a disk drive.

If you don't specify the drive, the computer will work with the currently active drive (by default, it's drive A:)

Device type Device name Remark
Disk drive A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H A floppy disk interface can control until 2 drives.

<Path> is used to specify the location in folders of files that needs to be moved. Wildcards can replace some characters in file name to get several files. The asterisk (*) and question mark (?) are used as wildcard characters. The asterisk matches any sequence of characters, whereas the question mark matches any single character.

<NewPath> is used to specify the location in folders of the destination folder. When not specified, the current folder will be used.

/S is used to allow also the changing of location for system files. This parameter is available only since COMMAND2.COM 2.40.

/H is used to allow the changing of location for hidden files.

/P is used to allow a pause at the end of the screen when displaying error messages (for example if the file name already exists in the destination folder).

MSX-DOS 2 / Nextor allows to move simultaneously several (series of) files with the + part of the mentioned syntax.


A>MOVE /H /P B:*.COM \

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