MSX-DOS 1 Clones
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Apart from official MSX-DOS 1 releases, many unofficial versions have been developed over the years. In its simplest form this can be a copy of an official MSX-DOS version with only a few patches. There are manufacturers who created their own MSX-DOS variants, possibly based on the original source code which they had access to. And even some enthusiasts have created their own MSX-DOS versions completely from scratch. This page tries to give an overview of these versions.

To complicate things, sometimes hybrid versions can be found. Like MSX-DOS 1.8 with COMMAND 1.21 from Nike-DOS. Or an official MSX-DOS 1.03 with COMMAND 1.20 from Telemática. These hybrid versions will not be listed.


These are complete versions of MSX-DOS. They can either be based on official versions or have been created from scratch.

Version Description
HB-DOS Made by Sharp (Epcom) in Brazil (Portuguese language)
  • HB-DOS version 1.2
  • HB-CCP version 1.1

Appears to be distantly related to the official MSX-DOS.

Kiev-DOS Probably from Kiev, Ukraine, possibly just another version of Nike-DOS with its credits changed
  • Kiev-DOS version 4.01
  • COMMAND version 2.07
MF-DOS Made by Miguel Freitas from Brazil

Extended version of official MSX-DOS, supports subdirectories

  • MF-DOS version 1.30 beta
  • COMMAND version 1.5
MiSiX-DOS Made by SOLiD Software International for the Beer IDE interface

Extended version of official MSX-DOS, supports subdirectories

  • DOS1CLI.SYS version 3.10
  • DOS1KRNL.SYS version 3.10
  • MISIXBIO.SYS version ?.??
  • MSXDOS.SYS version 3.11 final
  • SHELL.COM 3.11
MSX-DOS by Telemática Made by Telemática for Talent in Argentina

Extended version of official MSX-DOS, has support for config.sys file and additional commands in

  • MSX-DOS version 1.1 rev. A
  • COMMAND version 1.11


  • MSX-DOS version 1.10 (in code 1.20 rev. B)
  • COMMAND version 1.20 (also found as version 1.40 or 4.00)
MSX-DOS v1.03X MSX-DOS with integrated UI by Leonid Baraz. It requires MSX equipped with a V9938/58.
  • MSX-DOS version 1.03X
  • COMMAND version 1.03X
  • SETPALET version 1.02 (optional)
Nike-DOS Originally made by Kim Rado in Ukraine. First enhanced by Ted Chary (Alex Garmash), later by NSG (Andrew Nikitin) and then by Rst7 (Dmitriy Oparin). At least the first three versions would need RAM to be in slot 3-2 or it will freeze. Version below is Ted Chary’s version.
  • Nike-DOS version 3.42
  • COMMAND version 1.21
SOLX-DOS Made by Microsol in Brazil, single file MSX-DOS clone (Portuguese language)
  • version 1.1
  • version 1.2
  • version 1.5, enhanced by Adriano Cunha with permission
  • Cyber-DOS 1.1, identical to SOLX-DOS version 1.1
  • DOSMASTER MSX 1.1, identical to SOLX-DOS 1.1, English translation available as separate version
  • MSX-DOS by Alien Computer, English translation of version 1.2

A special note should be made about Delta DOS. It was created by The Delta Forces in 1992 and published on Sunrise Magazine #17. It is written entirely in Basic. And though most commands are present, due to its nature, it has to start real MSX-DOS to run .COM programs.


These are based on official releases.

Modifications of COMMAND.COM

Version Description 1.11 for Power System Based on 1.11 Tim Paterson

This version calls H.DEVN hook (0FEC1h) before printing the command prompt as if it scans for additional drive letters. If it's searching for a hardware or software extension (like a Ramdisk) that's part of this version, that extension has been lost. 1.12 Based on 1.11 Hal-F, following patches have been made:
  • AUTOEXEC.BAT will be loaded from drive A instead of default drive
  • when DIR is done on empty disk error message 'File not found' has been disabled, instead '0 files xxx bytes free' will be displayed
  • underscore has been removed as non-blank separator, this allows use of underscore in filenames
  • DIR and TIME commands will show 24 hour clock instead of 12 hour clock 1.12 Based on 1.11 Tim Paterson
  • ERASE command has been replaced by CLS command
  • 'Content of destination lost before copy' error message has been shortened to 'Content of destination lost' to make room for extra code
  • hidden textstring 'Comando CLS implementado por Top Secret Software' has been added 1.15 Based on 1.11 Hal-F
  • RENAME, ERASE, VERIFY and FORMAT commands have been replaced by FREE, CLS, ECHO and VER
  • hidden textstring 'FD_Soft' has been added 1.20 1.20

These are not true replacements, but they need to be run after MSX-DOS has been booted. The programs are modifications of 1.11 Hal-F though. They create extra banks of TPA memory which the program uses as buffer space when copying files.
  • creates 4 or 5 banks of 48K RAM
  • needs at least 128K or 256K RAM
  • 128K version uses VRAM as well
  • prints 'copyright 1988 by Ware-ware' on startup 1.2c Based on 1.11 Tim Paterson

Sets the screen to a width of 80 characters at startup. Replaces ERASE command with CMD command. The CMD command makes a call to the H.CMD hook (0FE0Dh). Possibly there are software extensions for this version that hook themselves to H.CMD, but these extensions have been lost.


These are just translations, no code has been changed.

Version Description
DDX-DOS Portuguese translation of msxdos.sys 1.03 and 1.11 Tim Paterson
  • DDX-DOS version 1.20
  • COMANDO version 1.20
DISPRO-DOS Portuguese translation of msxdos.sys 1.03 and 1.11 Tim Paterson
  • DISPRO-DOS version 1.02
  • COMMAND version 1.10

The MSX-DOS 1.00 by Liftrom Informática Ltda provided on floppy disk with the Liftrom Disk Drive seems also to be a Portuguese translation. Details are missing, as this disk has not yet been dumped.


These are just official MSX-DOS versions that only have their version number changed. No code has been changed or added.

Base version Variants 1.11 Tim Paterson
  • 2.2
msxdos.sys 1.03
  • msxdos.sys 1.05
  • msxdos.sys 1.8
  • msxdos.sys 2.00
  • msxdos.sys 2.11
  • msxdos.sys 3.00