MSX-DOS v1.03X
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MSX-DOS v1.03X boot screen



MSX-DOS v1.03X is DOS with integrated UI made by Leonid Baraz. It requires MSX equipped with a V9938/58.

The download page is here (Rusian) or in MRC downloads.

MSX-DOS v1.03X files version

Filename Version Short description
MSXDOS.SYS 1.03X Kernel
COMMAND.COM 1.03X Shell with integrated UI

Additional commands

Command Version Description
SETPALET.COM 1.02 Command to change the color palette.
It is used by the COMMAND.COM at boot if present.

Special Batch Files

  • AUTOEXEC.BAT is the same as the MSX-DOS1.

Minimum configuration

  • MSX1 with 64kB RAM and equipped with a V9938 video processor.
  • Disk interface