MSX Calamar Wozblaster Enhanced
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This Wozblaster is a MoonSound-compatible, Wozblaster inspired, enhanced and produced by MSX Calamar. It was initially based on the version designed by Gustavo Iriarte, but later redesigned.

It's designed by Germán Díaz from MSX Calamar, with the help of Aquijacks, and assembled by Pablibiris.


MSX Calamar Wozblaster Box
MSX Calamar Wozblaster Cartridge


  • Yamaha YMF278B OPL4 sound chip
  • Yamaha YAC513 DAC
  • 2MB Sample-RAM (the original Argentinian product had only 1MB Sample-RAM)
  • Yamaha YRW-801 Wave Data ROM
  • External stereo audio output (TRS 3.5mm jack)

See OPL4 page for more specifications.