MSX Club Gouda SCSI Interface
This page was last modified 01:23, 31 January 2023 by Gdx. Based on work by Lintweaker and Mars2000you and others.

The SCSI interface is made by MSX club Gouda. The latest official Bios is Novaxis 25-08-96 1.59.64. It works on MSX2, 2+ and MSX Turbo R. MSX-DOS 2 is required.

It is possible to boot from a Zip-drive with version 1.08 or later of the Novaxis Bios.

This interface was also sold by Sunrise.


Gouda MSX-SCSI Interface
Gouda MSX-SCSI Interface PCB

Minimum System Requirements

  • MSX2 computer, Memory Mapper 128KB, one or two free slot cartridges
  • MSX-DOS2