MSX Club Magazine 17
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MSX Club Magazine 17



Published in March/April 1988.


Main content

General info

  • Printer Selector Interface
  • Unified Letter Board (Eenvormig Letterbord)
  • Scrolling on MSX (2)

Software reviews

Catch the Guests
World War III



MSX-BASIC loader Title Author Generation Notes
BOL1.BAS 3D Sphere 1 (3D Bol 1) Raf Coremans MSX2
BOL2.BAS 3D Sphere 2 (3D Bol 2) Raf Coremans MSX2
BOLLDR 3D Sphere 200 points
(3D Bol 200 punts)
Raf Coremans MSX2 Only on disk
CILIND1.BAS 3D Cylinder 1
(3D Cilinder 1)
Raf Coremans MSX2
CILIND2.BAS 3D Cylinder 2
(3D Cilinder 2)
Raf Coremans MSX2
HITHOT.BAS Hit Hot Clark De Spiegeleer MSX1 Only on disk
(good version)
LIJNEN.BAS 3D Lines (3D Lijnen) Raf Coremans MSX2


MSX-BASIC loader Title Author Generation Soundchips Notes
REAKTIE.BAS Reaction Test
Henk Van Wulpen MSX1 PSG
VANGNET.BAS Catch the Guests
(Vang de Gasten)
A.J. Rutten MSX1 PSG
WO3.BAS World War III Guy Roels MSX2 PSG Optionally remove the SET
ADJUST instruction in line 120


MSX-BASIC loader Title Author Generation
BANNERB.BAS Banner W. Hermans MSX1
BELGIANS.BAS Belgians Fons Wuyts MSX1
DATATIME.BAS Data Time Henk Van Wulpen MSX1
FOUT.BAS Error Messages
Rohnny Schepers MSX1
KLEUR7.BAS Colors 7 (Kleuren 7) Jos Simal MSX2
KLEUR8.BAS Colors 8 (Kleuren 8) Jos Simal MSX2
UURROOS.BAS Time Table (Uurrooster) Wilfried Hermans MSX2


  • 17 files related to 'Scrolling on MSX' series of the magazine: TESTDEMO - #A.001 to #A.009
  • only on disk - 2 PCT files for Dynamic Publisher

Playing tips