MSX Club Magazine 30
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MSX Club Magazine 30



Published in July/August 1990.


Details about disk 1: see page 44 of the PDF file

Main content

General info

  • Programming techniques (27)
  • MCBC-FAN (2)
  • The V9958 videochip (4th part of the V9938 serie)
  • BCF News: MCBC and X-BASIC
  • Screen 1 (3)
  • Game Builder and MCBC

Software reviews



MSX-BASIC loader Title Author Generation Notes
BEELDWIS.1 Image Erasure (Beeldwis) Thijs Geerlings MSX1
MSX-LOGO.5 MSX Logo Thijs Geerlings MSX2
ROBOT.BAS Robot John van Zijl MSX2
(Sterren Demo)
Okke Verbart MSX2 Created with MCBC
Permanent demo with PERMSTER.FHD
by Frank H. Druijff


MSX-BASIC loader Title Author Generation Soundchips
METAL.FM Metal Battle Ernst Schuller MSX1 MSX-MUSIC


MSX-BASIC loader Title Author Generation Notes
A2BUFR2B.BAS Copy A to Buffer to B Frank H. Druijff MSX1
BEKIJK.BAS Watch (Bekijk) I. Dopmeijer MSX2 Example of conversion
made with SCAN25
Checksum Program)
Bart Corthouts MSX1 Only in magazine
COPYA2B.BAS Copy A to B Frank H. Druijff MSX1
DATUM.1-8 Date Routine (Datum Routine) Thijs Geerlings MSX2 To be used in another program
EPROMTST.BAS Eprom Test Program
(Test Programma Eprommer)
Theo van Dooren MSX2
FILAAD.BAS Files Load (Files Laad) Marlex van Keulen MSX2
FINANCE.LDR Finance F.J. Staal MSX2 Only on disk 1
KLOKCHIP.BAS Clockchip (Klokchip) Erik Bos MSX2
LISTPR Listing Print Thijs Geerlings MSX2 To be used in another program
MUISMENU.BAS Mouse Menu (Muismenu) Theo van Dooren MSX2
ONOPGLST.BAS Unsolved (Onopgelost) David de Bresser MSX1 Width 80 recommended
SCAN25.LDR Conversion Screen 2 to 5 I. Dopmeijer MSX2 To skip the intro:
SIMSCAN2.BAS Simscan 2 Fred Wezenaar MSX2
TCOMEGA1.LDR Tcomega 1.0 Jan van der Meer MSX2 Only on disk 1
Uncompress TCOMEGA1.ARK
Requires RAMDISK:
VARDTEKS.BAS Pass Variables
(Variabelen Doorgeven)
Nico Coesel MSX2 To be used in the part that will
be compiled with MCBC
VERVANG.1-8 Replace Routine
(Vervang Routine)
A. Groeneveld MSX1 With included example
RDISK300.BIN RAMDISK 3.0 Paul te Bokkel
Ramon van der Winkel
MSX2 Only on disk 1
Included in TCOMEGA1.ARK


  • only in magazine: Patch for SERVICE.LIN (see MSX Club Magazine 28)
  • on disk 1
    • 2 files related to Screen 1 (3) part of the magazine: LIST11 - LIST12
    • 3 pictures used by the SCAN25 programs: IDEESOFT - DEMO1 - DEMO1.SC5
    • VIDEOGRA.BAS - Adaptation of Video Graphics for Star LC-10 printer
    • DIMASTER.EPS and DIMASTER.IBM - Adaptations of the Dimaster file utility (see MSX Club Magazine 28) for non-MSX printers
    • PATCH01 - Patch for MCBC
    • PCT and STP files for Dynamic Publisher
    • PCT files for the Simscan 2 utility
  • on disk 2

Playing tips