MSX Magazine (Japan) 1985-01
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MSX Magazine (Japan) 1985-01



Magazine published in January 1985.

Includes a special supplement - see MSX Software Catalogue 1985.

Main content

General info

  • MSX magazines outside Japan
  • Assembler - 8 bit operations (1)
  • Sensor unit
  • Disk BASIC (1)
  • MSX architecture with drive
  • The VDP

Hardware reviews

Software reviews



Title Author Generation
1985 Banzai MSX Magazine MSX1
Christmas Days MSX Magazine MSX1
Plot MSX Magazine MSX1


Title Author Generation Soundchips
Coin Drop Mikami MSX1 PSG
Reflection Game Ten MSX1 PSG


Title Author Generation
Biorhythm MSX Magazine MSX1
Character Editor Haruki Takeda MSX1
PSG Echo Synthesizer Studio N MSX1
Sensor Test 1 Kakeru Shizuka MSX1
Sensor Test 2 Kakeru Shizuka MSX1